Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's Here: 1 Year

Hello again blog! I've had a harder time making myself sit down and write this post than the other monthly updates. Guess it's harder to wrap my mind around the fact that a whole year has passed with our little guy. Also I had some ambitious plans for his 1 year photos that I have yet to do, and it's nearly impossible to get him to be still for pictures anyways. So I'm going ahead with what pics I've already got.

The big 1st birthday has come and gone. There was a little piece of my heart that ached seeing Lucas pass this milestone. There are so many ways he's already passing from the baby stage into toddler-dom.

At ONE he...

Crawls all over the place. He rarely sits and plays with anything for long now. He wants to be on the move constantly. He does what we call the "peg leg crawl" with his left knee on the ground and his right foot used to scoot himself along.

Pulls up with ease. He can ease himself back down to the floor too.

Walks along while holding onto something like furniture, but isn't taking any steps on his own yet.

Can clap his hands and do "peekaboo" (he really started these right after his birthday).

Has 2 teeth. One is actually a "bifid" tooth (which I had never heard of before). That basically means one of his teeth has a conjoined twin =) Hopefully the adult teeth underneath will be normal.

Loves to eat. The boy can put away some food. He has finally crept out of the 5th percentile on his weight and is up to the 15th. His favorites are: watermelon, bananas, yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, cheese, bread, beans (any kind - baked beans, refried beans, plain beans), corn, broccoli, & carrots. He just started trying scrambled eggs which he really seems to like. Meat is kind of a take it or leave it thing. Some days he really likes it, other days he feeds it all to Bear.

Is off the bottle. We finally found this sippy cup that he'll use, so he has officially made the switch. He's still nursing 1-2 times a day.

He is still sleeping pretty well. Goes to bed around 8:30 and gets up at 6:30. He's still taking 2 naps most days, one shorter one and one longer one.

I almost forgot he had his first trip to the beach this past month, too. He seemed to like it ok, but it mostly just made him sleepy. He loves the pool.

We are so thankful to God for the precious blessing he is. Here's to another exciting year!

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