Wednesday, March 26, 2014

8 months

It's so weird to me to think that Lucas is closer to being ONE than he is to 0 now. There were not really any great big excitements this month as far as milestones, just the simple pleasure of watching this happy boy grow and discover the world around him.

We're still trying lots of new food. I am continuing to make most of it but I branched out and bought some of the Sprouts brand food and have been really happy with it. It's organic and has no added preservatives, flavors, etc. If you buy carrots, it just has...carrots in it. I will probably laugh at how nuts I've been about what Lucas eats on down the road, but for now, it's how we're rollin. Researching more on what to feed him has also been making me rethink some of our eating choices--but that's a post for another day.

He tried his sippy cup for the first time this month. He mostly plays with the cup, but he can get some water out if you hold it up to his mouth for him.

Sleeping at night is going pretty well for the most part. Lucas is completely out of the sleep sack and just sleeping in his jammies now. Whew! Who knew that would be so difficult?

He has started sleeping with a lovie. A lot of times, it helps him soothe himself to sleep so there is less crying (but not all the time). It melts my heart going in to check on him and seeing him snuggled up hugging his lovie.

He still fights his naps most days. Seems like just when we find our routine, life happens and we get out of sync again.

He was determined to grab the camera lens

He hasn't really made much progress towards crawling. He's pretty content to sit and play with the toys he can reach.

Still trying...

He absolutely loves Bear. Bear is a little less impressed with him for the time being. Especially when he tries to pull his hair--which apparently is one of his favorite things to do as he does it to me & Andy constantly.

He still doesn't have any teeth!

I had to include these pictures. During his little photo session he was interrupted by a poopy and his faces were too funny...

He pretty much hasn't used his paci this month, with a couple of exceptions.

Overall, he continues to be a pretty happy, easygoing baby. We continue to thank the Lord for the blessing of being his parents.

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