Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7 months

What a fun stage this is! Lucas is really able to entertain himself with playing now, and it's so fun to watch him as he explores new skills and toys.

Eating solid foods has been the biggest change this month. So far, we've tried sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, peas, apples, and zucchini. Sweet potatoes and apples have been hands down his favorites. He hasn't liked anything green so far (kids must be genetically engineered this way) but he will keep trying things for several bites even if he doesn't like the taste.

He is sitting up without any support now and seems to prefer that over any other position now that he has mastered it. He loves sitting with a few toys around him that he can play with.

He had his first snow day this month. Actually, it mostly turned into ice. My mom happened to be here during the craziness which was good because Andy got stuck on the interstate for 10 hrs and never made it home that day!

Lucas watching Bear watching the snow

He started using his high chair this month. He also started using a jumper which he loves. I usually keep it in the kitchen and it keeps him entertained while I cook or clean up.


As I said last month, we had gotten to a rocky place with sleeping! Now that we have been a little more settled at our house, Lucas is getting into a more set sleep schedule and that really seems to me helping things. He typically takes a short (about an hour) morning nap and then a long (around 3 hours) afternoon nap. It is really nice to have that long stretch in the afternoon to get things done--and at least be able to take a shower!--but sometimes we have to fight to make it happen.

We have had to have a couple of cry it out moments for naps. For us, it kind of happened naturally. Lucas would get to the point where he was so tired and no matter what I did--nursing, rocking, cuddling, swaddling--he wouldn't go to sleep. So I started laying him down and letting him fuss a bit and he would go to sleep and take a really good nap.

We have almost broken the swaddle! After finding Lucas rolled over on his stomach while swaddled, I was determined to get him transitioned out of it. At some of your advice, I started leaving one arm out of the swaddle during nap time. Lucas did pretty well with it. After about a week of trying it during nap time, we started doing it a night. The first night or two there were a few more wake ups but after that he slept just fine. This week, we started leaving both arms out at nap time, and last night we left both arms out all night. He didn't wake up even once! He is actually on a streak now and has slept the last 4 nights with no wake ups. Now that he has his arms out, he is really liking to roll on his stomach to sleep.

Lucas and Bear have started getting much more interested in each other...

I have started toying with the idea of taking the paci away. Lucas hasn't been that interested in it lately. In fact, when he's upset it often makes him even more upset if you try to put the paci in his mouth. He still uses it some but he plays with it and chews on the side of it more than anything else. I am wondering if it would be easier to take it away now instead of him getting more attached to it later on and then it being hard to take away.

This month has definitely had its difficult and frustrating moments, but it has also been so fun and rewarding (especially in the sleep department).

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