Thursday, January 30, 2014

6 months

Each new month that Lucas grows is exciting, but I feel like 6 months is a particular milestone. Babies are ready for more interesting toys, sitting up, really starting to interact with the world around them, and eating real food. Exciting stuff for a new little life.

This month has been a fun and trying one. It is so fun watching Lucas unlock each new skill and discover more things around him

He has started sitting up with support (i. e. propped up on his hands or Boppy).

He experienced his first Christmas, which unfortunately I never got around to posting about. Here are a few pics from the fun.

There was also a very sad note to Lucas's 6 month. Shortly after Christmas with Andy's family, his Granny passed away. She was Lucas's only living great grandparent. She was a spunky lady, not afraid to speak her mind. She loved her family dearly and cherished her time with her grandchildren and great grandchildren. We will miss her so much!

Lucas with Granny on Christmas Eve

Days before Lucas turned 6 months old, we moved into the house (more on that in a later post). That has brought it's own set of new adventures. Lucas finally has his own room and is sleeping in his own bed (instead of the pack n play).

This month has also been the start of some sleep struggles. Lucas has started waking up more during the night. His wake-up time has also gotten earlier so we have tried to move up his bed time a little. I've realized that because he has taken so many naps in his carseat (due to traveling & working on the house), he's not too crazy about napping in his bed. He likes to sleep swaddled still, so I have been researching ways to transition him out of that. Anyone have experience with the Zipadee-Zip? I'm thinking about trying that with him.

Still loving those toes.

The day he turned 6 months old, we started trying solid foods, so I'll post more on that next month.

A quick look at the last 6 months...

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