Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 months

Here we are again! Lucas is another month older. It seems like he changed so much this month! He has become so interested in the things around him.

He is playing with toys for real now, and not just holding them because I try to make him. He is also doing better at being able to entertain himself.

He went on his first flight to Texas over Thanksgiving. He did pretty well, thankfully. He stayed awake the whole way there, but he was happy. Then he slept the whole way back. We flew Southwest and had a great experience with them. They let us bring Lucas's carseat and stroller all the way to the gate and check them there which didn't count against our baggage count. They also let families with young children board early.

on the plane

He experienced his first Thanksgiving which I meant to post about, but ran out of time. Here are a few pics...

with the Shelby fam

cousin time

And first Iron Bowl (War Eagle!)

with Aunt Liz

He started trying to roll from his back to his stomach a few weeks ago, but kept getting his arm stuck underneath him. Apparently he figured it out while I wasn't looking. While I was painting at the house one night, I laid him down on his back on his playmat. I turned around a minute later and he was on his stomach.

He has discovered his toes.

He has started pulling my hair. All. The. Time.

He is starting to work on sitting up but we're not quite there yet.

Each stage I find myself thinking, "I don't want him to get any bigger." But so far, every stage he's gone through gets more and more fun.

It's fun to see his little personality emerge and I can't wait to see what comes next! He'll get to start trying food next month. Can't believe it!

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