Monday, December 2, 2013

4 months a few weeks late

Month #4 has been a good one. It has been a month of adjustment: adjusting to new routines, going back to work, and trying to start finding a new "normal". The first 3 months Lucas was here just kind of floated by. I enjoyed soaking up the minutes with him and didn't really worry much about trying to find a "routine" or "schedule". Now with going back to work and Lucas getting into a little more predictable daily routine, I feel like we're starting to somewhat settle into a rhythm.

Lucas continues to grow, grow, grow. He loves "talking" and interacting with others. He has started laughing (which is really more like squealing). He has also started rolling over. It really surprised me the first time he did it! He usually rolls so quickly that I really haven't gotten a decent video of it yet.

Cousin Play Time

He has done well with daycare so far. The ladies that keep him are wonderful and having him close by has been great. The only bad thing has been that he has decided that riding in the carseat to work is the perfect time to have a poop. At least half of the days I've gone to work, I had to change not only his diaper but his clothes too when we got there. I've contemplated just taking him to work naked and dressing him when we got there but it's been a little too cold for that :)

He experienced his first Halloween dressed as Superman. Andy and I had plans to be Clark Kent and Lois Lane, but after a long day at work we were too worn out and just went as ourselves.

His Nemo playmat is still his favorite toy. He has started sitting in his Bumbo and does pretty well with it.

4 Month Check Up

Overall, it has been a very fun month and we continue to be so thankful for the blessing of this sweet little guy in our lives.

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