Monday, October 21, 2013

Back to work and 3 months old

Today Little Man is 3 months old. It has been a fun month watching him become more and more alert and interested in the world around him.

The big accomplishments for this month have been...

Bottle feeding: We started trying him out on the bottle shortly after he turned 2 months old. It was a little harder for me to give up nursing exclusively than I thought it would be, but it was a good transition. Thankfully, he has had no trouble so far switching back and forth. Andy has enjoyed getting to feed him, as have his grandparents. I still mostly nurse, but he had to learn to take the bottle to be ready for me to go back to work.

First bottle!

Cooing: He's started "talking" and making sweet little noises now. It's so fun to hear his sweet little voice!

Sleeping: He has officially started sleeping through the night (cue the hallelujah chorus!). He usually does about an 8-9 hour stretch after his last feed, but he has gotten to where he's pretty sleepy in the evenings by around 8:00. Again, I do know how lucky we are that he's a good sleeper, and I am so very thankful!

He still loves his Nemo play gym. He will play in this thing forever!


He really seems to like going for walks in his carrier. He keeps his head up and looks around most of the time. Bear also appreciates getting out of the house and walking.

He's starting to do much better at tummy time and really likes laying propped up on the Boppy to look around.

He's started sucking on his hands and fingers a lot. I was a big time finger sucker...until I was 5 years I'm hoping he doesn't do it that long!


Also a big thing this month was me going back to work. I just started back last week. There were some tears in the car on the way in my first day, but it has been an easier transition than I thought it would be. It has helped a lot that I am only doing 2 days a week. I ended up getting what we call a "0.1" position before I started back, which basically means I work anywhere from 8 to 30 hours every 2 weeks. That has been a huge blessing. I truly have some wonderful coworkers so I have enjoyed getting to see everyone again.

This week will be his first week going to daycare while I'm at work so hopefully that will go well. The hardest thing is just getting out of the door in the morning. It was good to have a "trial run" last week where I could get us ready but wasn't actually taking him with me. Definitely made me realize I had underestimated how much time it would take us to get ready! Wow, I will have to get up very early to get to work on time what with the feeding, pumping, getting us both clean & dressed, and packing up! You moms doing this every day with more than one kid--I am amazed by you!

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