Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Reno Continues

Since my last update about the house, a lot has been done! We are completely done with framing which included replacing subfloors in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms, repairing several rotten studs, adding some extra supports in the basement, and framing out a bathroom & 2 closets.

New Master Closet

Closet framed out of the attic

Almost all of the plumbing has been replaced, and we also added a bathroom and laundry room in what used to be closet space.

Laundry Hook Ups

The new heating and air conditioning units have been put in, as well as the ductwork added as needed. (The house had central heating before, but no air, so we are excited not to be sweltering in the Alabama heat for much longer!)

Brick work started last week which will include replacing all of the rollocks (exterior sills underneath the windows), bricking up 2 windows on the back of the house, repairing the arch at the front and reinforcing some bricks that have started to fall out.

Brick Work in progress

2 Windows bricked up in back

 Electrical *should* be done by the end of this week. We had to re-wire the entire house so hopefully it won't be a fire hazard any more =).

New lighting in Lucas' room

Lighting finished in the living room

Since most of these things have been beyond our expertise or DIY abilities, we have hired people to do them. Andy has cleared out the insulation from the attic and torn out 3 more ceilings. Besides that, we've been doing lots of cleanup. Seems like that part of renovation never ends! We also visited the scrap metal yard to scrap 780 lbs of weights that came out of the old windows.

The big magnet just pulls all of the metal out of your car!

Last weekend, we were able to move out all of the cabinets, doors, and trim that have been cluttering up the house to make it easier to finish the next phase...which will be insulation, sheet rock, and then flooring! I can't wait to finally have some walls again! We are getting closer!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer is a flyin' by

Summer has barely started, and I already feel like it is flying by! Most of our time lately has been spent with baby and house prep. Only about 2 more months to go until Lucas will be making his debut!

Last weekend, we had our first baby showers in Andy's home town. He has such a large extended family that they usually have a family shower for weddings and babies so everyone can celebrate together. There are actually 4 cousins in Andy's family having babies this summer! We had a great time getting to see all of his family, meet the first new baby, precious Faith, and celebrate the babies to come!

Me & Mom

Delicious Food!

With Andy's Granny

With Andy's Parents

With Katie, Andy's cousin who is also due in August!

With my parents

The church that Andy grew up in also threw a shower for us, and it was great to get to celebrate with them as well. Many of them saw Andy grow up and are already showering our little boy with love.

One of the ladies made this amazing baby carriage out of fruit!

We are so thankful to know that Lucas will be surrounded by so many that will be there to love and support him as he grows up!